About Us

Vega World Travel is a licensed travel agency and tour operator which was established with a background of experienced professionals in the field of tourism for 20 years, with the support of international partners in various tourist destination countries making it easy for us to present travel tour packages around the world with price offers and attractive tourist destinations.

Vega World Travel is supported by loyal, experienced and friendly staffs who always provide the best service on every tour, making us the main and trusted travel agency because customer satisfaction and comfort is our success.


To offer and present various travel packages to various destinations around the world with up to date information for us to compete globally.


  1. Prioritize customer satisfaction and comfort on all tours.
  2. We will continue to improve our services and improve our core products and other add-on products.
  3. Keep up to date with technological developments in today’s digital era by making it easy for our customers to receive the best service from our products.

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